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Maryna Kopeyko-Langlois
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Empowering Your Wellness Journey - Tailored Health Solutions for Every Woman

Discover Personalised Programs for Fertility, Menopause, Corporate Wellness, and More – Crafted with Care, Expertise, and a Holistic Touch

Fertility & Pregnancy

Embarking on the journey to motherhood is a profound and personal experience. At Integrally Healthy U, our Fertility & Pregnancy program is meticulously designed to support you through this incredible journey. From pre-pregnancy planning to postnatal care, we provide a nurturing and holistic approach, combining the latest nutritional science with traditional wisdom to optimize your health and prepare you for the joys of motherhood.

This comprehensive program is split into phases – preparation for pregnancy, pregnancy support, and postpartum care, each tailored to meet the unique needs of each stage. We focus on enhancing your body’s natural capabilities, ensuring the best possible environment for conception, a healthy pregnancy, and a smooth transition to motherhood.

Menopause Harmony

The Menopause Harmony program at Integrally Healthy U is designed to empower women to navigate the menopause transition with ease and confidence. Understanding that each woman’s experience of menopause is unique, our program offers personalized support, addressing the physical, emotional, and hormonal changes that occur during this period. We employ an integrative approach, combining nutritional therapy, lifestyle adjustments, and holistic practices.

Our goal is to alleviate common menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, mood swings, and disrupted sleep, while also focusing on long-term health and well-being. By embracing a combination of modern science and traditional wisdom, we guide women to a harmonious balance, enabling them to maintain vitality and wellness throughout menopause and beyond

Graceful Ageing

It is a holistic individual program dedicated to nurturing your skin and overall vitality from within. It offers a blend of nutritional guidance rich in skin-rejuvenating nutrients, lifestyle adjustments for stress management and sleep enhancement, and targeted self-care practices.

Delve into the benefits of Face Yoga, which tones facial muscles, alongside customized skincare routines to enhance your natural glow.

Experience the revitalizing effects of exercise informed by the hormesis effect and find serenity through our guided meditations.

This comprehensive approach ensures you age gracefully, promoting a radiant complexion and a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

I invite you to celebrate your beauty at every age.

Corporate Wellness

Integrally Healthy U’s Corporate Wellness program is specifically designed for the modern professional woman, addressing the unique challenges faced in the corporate environment. This program offers a blend of health coaching, nutritional advice, and Face Yoga, all tailored to fit the demanding schedules of busy professionals. We understand the importance of maintaining health and well-being in a high-stress work environment and provide practical, effective solutions.

Our corporate package includes weekly presentations on women’s health, group Face Yoga classes, and individualized health coaching sessions. This holistic approach not only enhances the physical and mental well-being of employees but also fosters a more productive, harmonious workplace. By investing in the health of their female workforce, companies can see significant improvements in overall morale, productivity, and employee retention

How Does It Work

1. Initial Consultation - 90 min

Our journey begins with an Initial Consultation, where we focus on establishing two core objectives for our collaboration. It involves an in-depth review of your medical history (anamnesis), symptoms, and lifestyle. Our aim is to identify the root causes of your health issues, providing a foundation for long-lasting solutions rather than temporary fixes. During this call, we'll discuss best strategies to integrate these solutions into your daily life.

2. Programme building

Following our Discovery Call, I meticulously review and analyze the information gathered. This includes a thorough assessment of your food diary using a dedicated nutritional application, ensuring a factual understanding of your nutritional intake. Your medications, supplements, and overall nutrient balance are carefully examined for compatibility. I then delve into recent medical research related to your specific condition(s) to inform our next steps. Within three days of our consultation, you'll receive a comprehensive plan. This plan includes adjustments in your nutrition, cleanest food supplements recommendations, exercise routines, and other vital lifestyle changes. If necessary, I'll also recommend additional functional tests and provide a referral letter to your GP. A brief follow-up session is scheduled to discuss any questions and establish a timeline for your plan.

3. Continuous support - weekly 30 min calls

The support I provide is ongoing and dynamic. Each week, we'll get on a short call to review your progress. You will receive new information, recipes, and motivational content specifically curated for your situation. This continuous engagement ensures you have access to the latest insights and tools to support your health journey. My goal is to keep you inspired and on track, offering resources that are both practical and relevant to your evolving needs. This approach is crucial for maintaining momentum and ensuring that the strategies we've implemented are sustainable and effective in the long term. As a unique offering, you'll also experience a 30-minute Face Yoga session, an effective tool for relaxation and rejuvenation; the session's recording will be provided for your further practice. You will need lavender essential oil and a base oil (coconut, jojoba, or olive oil) ready for your practice.

4. Follow up consultation - 60 min, monthly

Our follow-up consultations are critical checkpoints in your health journey. These sessions are where we review the effectiveness of the Plan, discussing which elements have worked well and identifying areas for improvement. You'll share your experiences, particularly focusing on changes in symptoms, mood, and energy levels. We'll celebrate the progress you've made and outline your next steps. The minimum number of follow-up sessions in packages is 2, additional sessions will be mutually agreed upon, ensuring you have the right level of support to achieve your goals. Based on our discussions and your feedback, I'll re-analyze your situation, make necessary adjustments to your Plan, and send the revised version to you within three days after each consultation.


It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver

Mahatma Gandhi

What you will learn

Understanding Your Body

Gain deep insights into how your body functions, learning about hormonal balance, nutritional needs, and the impact of lifestyle choices on your overall health and well-being

Holistic Health Strategies

Discover comprehensive and integrative approaches to health, combining modern nutritional science with traditional and holistic practices like Yoga, Face Yoga, and aromatherapy

Personalized Wellness Plans

Learn how to create and follow personalized wellness plans that are tailored to your unique health goals, whether it’s improving fertility, navigating menopause, managing stress, or enhancing overall vitality

ind-Body Harmony Techniques

Master techniques to achieve harmony between your mind and body, including stress management, mindfulness practices, and methods to enhance sleep quality and energy levels

Practical Nutrition and Lifestyle Tips

Acquire practical nutrition and lifestyle tips that can be seamlessly integrated into your daily routine, ensuring you have the tools to maintain and enhance your health independently

Health Decision-Making

Learn to make informed decisions regarding your health, understanding the interplay between medical advice, holistic alternatives, and personal intuition in creating a health plan that resonates with your lifestyle and goals

Unique Attributes

Holistic Offerings: The combination of the latest nutritional science research with traditional practices like Yoga, Face Yoga, aromatherapy, and breathing techniques provides a multi-faceted approach to health. Promote this as a “360-degree wellness strategy.”

Deeply Caring Support: Emphasise this personal touch in all communications. Personal testimonials that showcase Maryna’s caring nature can effectively communicate this aspect to potential clients


Integrative and Personalised Approach: every individual gets a unique treatment plan tailored to their specific needs. 

High-Quality Research: Mention affiliations, certifications, advanced training, courses are undertaken to ensure that clients receive advice based on the latest, unbiased research.

Ancient Medical Traditions: Success stories where techniques from Ayurveda or Traditional Chinese Medicine are common and compelling. 

Harmony & Balance: Key focus to achieve homeostasis – the perfect balance between bodily systems, the body and the mind for the optimum health and logevity.

Women’s Pivotal Role: Emphasising the importance of women’s health not just for the individual but for families and societies can resonate deeply with potential clients. Hosting workshops focused on women’s health, contributing to women-centric publications, or even partnering with women-focused NGOs or organisations are at the core of IntegrallyHealthyU service.